Welcome to London based PG3, marketing experts with a familiar face. We might be a little different but we know how to get results.


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Why PG3?

Amazing People

When you choose PG3 you’re choosing a force of amazing people to represent your brand.


It’s your brand! So your marketing campaign will be personalised to yours and your customer’s needs.


It’s not easy coming up with new ideas… unless you’re PG3 in which case we come up with new innovative ideas every day!

Part of You

We want to become an extended part of your brand, we know your brand is your baby so we treat it like it is ours too!

Project Management

Our super salesforce are there to oversee every aspect of your campaign and make it as super as super can be.


Our methods of face-to-face marketing are so full-proof that not even kryptonite could stop us from delivering top results!


We know what makes a consumer tick! So we use our super powers to make your brand stand out at the forefront of their minds!

Super Powers

Whilst we can’t melt rocks with our eyes we care about your brand and delivering top results and some may say that is our super power!