An Interview with Gus Daniels of PG3

During a recent business trip to London Bridge, Gus Daniels CEO of PG3 took part in an in-depth interview which revealed insightful details about the business owner’s goals and ambitions.

Mr Daniels travelled across London to attend a close-knit business seminar on taxes and finance. The CEO found the meeting to be of great value. Learning the backend of business is something which Mr Daniels considers crucial to taking the lead in the direct marketing industry: “Learning the minutiae of the firm – the structure of everything and how each element interacts – is essential to becoming a business guru,” Mr Daniels stated during the interview.

The CEO, who trains and develops aspiring entrepreneurs, is always ready to learn new skills. By maximising his own capabilities, Mr Daniels hopes to perfect his ability to mentor business professionals less experienced than him. The 24-year-old revealed development was a central feature of his goals for the coming year. “I aim to train at least ten hopefuls to managerial positions at PG3. I have never witnessed anyone do this in their first year of business ownership so I am setting a high standard for myself and my contractors to work towards,” shared the business owner.

Following the expansion of PG3’s managerial team, the company is looking to cross international borders within the next two years. Mr Daniels is eager to establish the company in the Asian market, in particular Japan, where prospects are high, and advertising culture is at its most vivid and engaging. He hopes to employ and train those most in need of his help. Mr Daniels follows Richard Branson’s mantra: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” In his opinion, goodwill is reflected back onto one’s business and its success. PG3, who take a philanthropic approach to business, understand that training aspiring professionals will inevitability contribute to their growth as a company, adding to both their overall skillset and social network.

When asked about his person goals Mr Daniels revealed, “I will be 25 in July, and it has always been my dream to earn enough to buy an Aston Martin. It’s looking likely that I will achieve that goal by my 25th birthday.”

PG3 is a trading name of AJG Direct. PG3 specialises in a personalised form of marketing that connects clients to their consumer with the aim of making lasting connections. Their market reach spans across London, but the company are hoping to expand throughout the UK and beyond.

By mastering crucial business skills early on, Mr Daniels believes hitting his personal and business skills will be possible. “To ensure I am hitting my goals, and helping others to achieve theirs, I develop a new game plan every day. This helps me manage the minute details whilst striving for the bigger picture,” closed the business owner.