Are you a leader or a follower? PG3 investigate the traits

London-based direct sales and marketing specialists, PG3 argue that the most successful entrepreneurs don’t wait to be told what to do and they lead from the front.

Every organisation needs effective leaders, and at PG3, leaderships skills are one of the most sought after skill sets. PG3 have reported that leaders of any company will play a significant role in determining how successful that company becomes. Because leadership skills can be learned and developed, PG3 spends a lot of time investing in developing individuals to become exceptional leaders. At some point within the firm, every person will be relied upon to lead and not follow.

PG3 can quickly detect whether a person is a leader or a follower. The ambitious firm enjoys working with creative, professional individuals who are always willing to suggest new ideas and ways of thinking as this makes them a leader. As opposed to a follower who would not take the time to learn something new, let alone come up with a new idea. Instead, PG3 have found that followers tend just to pick holes in ideas and are quick to criticise when a new project doesn’t work the first time.

PG3 state that they work with leaders – people who use criticism from followers to motivate them, even more, to make an idea work; and if the idea doesn’t, then a leader will see the gains from the process such as the skills and knowledge learned. Leaders are proactive and make an action plan for the day ahead, which involves learning something new. PG3 also class people who are excited to wake up and start their day early, as leaders.

Here at PG3, we see leadership as the most important quality in a person. Leadership skills can be learned and developed, but some people have the natural ability to lead – and these are the people that we look to work with,” said spokesperson and Managing Director, Gus Daniels.

PG3 is a trading name of AJG Direct. The company work on behalf of their client’s brands to create and execute bespoke direct marketing campaigns. PG3 rely on the firm’s leaders to drive the growth of the company which is why the firm regards leadership qualities as more important than traditional qualifications.