Leaders Must Be Readers Claim PG3

Self-development and reading go hand in hand and London-based direct sales and marketing firm, PG3, has been reminding their workforce of this. A business built on solid leadership foundations, the company attribute much of their success to their unwavering focus on self-development.

PG3 believe the key to becoming an exceptional leader is self-growth and one of the best ways to achieve this as a person and a leader is to read. With hopes of future leadership in mind, the firm is substantially invested in helping their workforce attain their goals by endorsing the benefits of reading.

As research has proven, reading allows people to absorb knowledge, broadening worldviews and perspectives and challenging obsolete viewpoints. PG3 believes these are valuable qualities for any great leader and avid readers will greatly benefit from having a book on the go. After all, books are a tremendous source of knowledge, and with knowledge comes power.

From their recent experiences, the firm has elucidated on three key reasons reading is an invaluable stepping stone to becoming an outstanding leader:

Reading allows us to escape…
Reading provides an escape and is a great way of elevating above the stress and worries of everyday life. Books can act as a transportation device, a way of mentally disengaging from current situations, facilitating recovery and relaxation. After reading, People can face work priorities with renewed energy, focus and ideas!

Reading multiplies our experiences…
Books transport readers to alternative times, places and situations – and with well-written reading materials—audiences can become totally immersed in that world. Research suggests power comes from learning through others’ experiences, and reading industry-related work provides an opportunity to learn from the experiences of an unlimited number of leaders.

Reading quickly builds our expertise…
When reading a book, readers are consequently building on their knowledge on whichever subject the book focuses on – whether non-fiction or fiction. Without reading, a person’s expertise is limited to their own direct experiences, which can be inferior to others’. Should a new, unexplored opportunity arise, books can prepare readers for real-life experiences.

PG3 encourage ongoing education and development throughout their business, and the positive results of this are frequently reflected in the successful outcomes of their projects.


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