PG3 London offers 5 tips for a better sales force

Sales and marketing experts, PG3 has revealed their 5 tips for encouraging better results from your sales force.

There is always room for improvement in any industry. The sales and marketing industry is one that is always growing and changing. One firm that knows what it takes to develop and progress in the industry is PG3, who have not only been able to increase their client’s customer base, but also grow themselves as a business due to knowing that every experience the business encounters is different.

PG3 specialises in personalised marketing campaigns for clients, meaning that they tailor every experience to the need of each consumer. To be able to maintain this professionalism and positive outcome, the firm has got a sales force that is equipped to handle every scenario and adapt to all situations. The company have revealed their top 5 tips that they have used to encourage better results from their sales force:

  1. Put the customer ahead of the dollar

It is important to remember that a consumer is first and foremost a person. When thinking of the customer as a prospect, or a lead they are portrayed as money instead of a person. Thinking this way will result in the loss of personality in the campaign. An active sales force need to remember that the consumer comes before the product or service they are trying to sell.

  1. The value of practice

How is anything learned? Practice and practice again. A study conducted by the University College London revealed that on average, it takes doing something 66 times to form a habit. Encouraging the sales force to practice constantly will eventually result in them adapting to their best sales methods. The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is very suited to this industry.

  1. Teach benefits over features

It is likely that the service or product that the sales force are trying to sell isn’t the only of its kind being marketed. This is when it is time to tap into the other motivation people will have for buying the product or service. By finding this alternative motivation, the sales team will be set ahead of competitors by ‘selling the sizzle, not the steak.’ Outline the benefits of the product/service instead of the features. People are more likely to buy if they know how it can change their lives, over simply knowing the product/service’s purpose.

  1. Identify the real objection

Most customers will object to the service or product being marketed. Now usually this is not because they simply don’t want it, or it is too expensive. This is when the skill of identifying the real objection can prove very useful. Managing Director, Gus Daniels, states: “Learn to recognise the real opposition early on, this way you are increasing the chances of closing the deal. It might be as simple as the colour of the product. Find a way to sell it anyway.”

  1. Accept no for an answer

The world is full of yes-men and no-men. Learning to accept the latter of the two is crucial not only to success but bouncing back from any situation. Maybe the product or service is not right for that particular customer at that given time. Learn that not everyone can be sold to and focus on those who can.


PG3 encourages all contractors to set goals and hit targets. Through methods such as regular team meetings and coffee mornings, the firm can motivate their team to want to achieve all they can. They also offer the contractor’s team nights to relax and connect and even regular travel opportunities to recognise their hard work and success.

London-based sales and marketing firm, PG3, is a trading name of AJG Direct. The firm focus on driving an increase in client’s level of customer acquisition and brand awareness through efficient and personalised direct and event marketing campaigns.



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