PG3 Ltd investigate the rise of artificial intelligence in customer service

Technological advances have made remarkable changes in customer service. London-based customer acquisition specialists, PG3 Ltd, have investigated the rise of artificial intelligence in customer service.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is knowledge displayed by machines. The term AI is attributed when a device mimics cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds, for example, learning and problem-solving. AI has been around since 1956, but the accuracy and success rate of the process has drastically improved over the years; Google’s voice recognition technology claims a 98% accuracy rating and Facebook’s DeepFace reports recognising faces with a success rate of 97%.

High profile brands such as EasyJet, Under Armour and Skype, are all using AI, and increasing numbers of brands are using artificial intelligence as an everyday part of their customer service policy. The budget airline EasyJet uses AI to analyse tremendous amounts of data to provide a service that matches the current consumer demand. Their AI system can predict catering needs and optimise flight destinations and times. Sports brand Under Armour uses AI within their fitness app; the app can analyse personal food, exercise and sleep data together with insights from other anonymised users to provide timely advice and motivational messages.

AI can be highly beneficial to businesses because it is cost efficient and can deliver real-time personalisation that may not be possible from a human, but customer acquisition specialists PG3 believe that nothing beats human interaction. Research from Accenture has found that when customers have a problem or a complaint, they still want to speak to a person, supporting claims from PG3 that the human touch cannot be replaced entirely.

PG3 are direct marketing and customer acquisition specialists based in London. The firm creates and executes tailor made direct marketing campaigns on behalf of their client’s brands. The company connects with consumers on a face-to-face basis and personalise the buying experience by educating the customer about the product or service on offer, and how it can solve specific user needs.

PG3 recognises how AI is beneficial to businesses but warns that brands shouldn’t move too far away from an interactive and personalised approach to customer service because consumers still desire a human interaction, especially when there is a problem. The firm shares how solely focusing on AI may result in brands losing customers to competitors with a more direct and personalised approach.