PG3 reveals 3 reasons you should become an entrepreneur right now

With attitudes towards entrepreneurship shifting, London-based sales agency PG3 has revealed three reasons people should look to become entrepreneurs right now.

Entrepreneurship is something that many people are seeking today, and the number of people considering this life is growing year on year. PG3 are firm advocates of entrepreneurship and provide their contractors with a business development opportunity to allow those involved to learn the skills and knowledge they need to become the entrepreneurial business owner they wish to become.

Many people have stated before that those who pursue entrepreneurship are those who don’t want to work and there has previously been a negative stigma attached to this way of living. However, becoming an entrepreneur simply means that an individual wants to achieve their dreams and work on their own achievements instead of someone else’s. With recent times, and things ever-changing, the attitude towards this has changed and is now better than it has been before.

The current attitude towards entrepreneurs is, as explained by PG3, becoming more focused on people admiring and realising that these people work incredibly hard and produce some exciting new products, jobs and aid the growth of the industry they are operating in. The firm believes that for those seeking this life, now is the time to act and they have explained why.

  1. Social attitudes have shifted

Today, if an individual decides to do their own thing for work, it is no longer an act of desperation but of aspiration and pursuit of someone’s dreams. The ideology of this life has now become something that is being recognised as a career and is a viable option for young people who have or are considering this. The previous attitude was one that would cause obstructions and conflicts for those pursuing it, so PG3 are urging people to take the plunge while this attitude lasts.

  1. Barriers to entry are lower than ever

Years ago, starting a business and finding capital to be able to do so proved very difficult to accomplish. As time has passed and the UK has come out of a double-dip recession, there is more and more option to gain capital and try things out before a full commitment has made. With Crowdfunding and other alternative options, the world is becoming a place for everyone’s ideas to come to life regardless of how big the dream.

  1. Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for self-fulfillment.

Maslow’s theory of human needs is one that has always been used when discussing motivation. In previous years becoming an entrepreneur was about fulfilling the basic human needs, such as food, water and shelter at the bottom of the pyramid. However, with changing times it has now become more about the top sections of esteem and self-actualization and fulfilment.

With all of these areas having changed, the overall outlook on entrepreneurs is better than it has ever been before, and this is the reason that PG3 are urging people to make the most of the opportunity. Managing Director Gus Daniels explained; “There are always going to be difficulties and struggles when it comes to starting a business. Why not make the most of the opportunity the world is providing while these factors are the way they are, things could change at any time, take the chance now.”

London-based sales and marketing firm, PG3, is a trading name of AJG Direct. The firm offers clients an efficient solution to customer acquisition as well as brand awareness and loyalty through the methods of personalised marketing campaigns.